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What Happens Next


FREE initial phone consultation

Upon receiving your initial enquiry we will arrange a time to call you. During our call we will discuss in more detail your reasons for making contact and decide whether your child could benefit from Speech and Language Therapy with Nurture. 

Initial Assessment 

Case history, questionnaires and an assessment tailored to your child 

When you book an initial appointment with Nurture, we will send you our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, these need signing before your appointment.  We will also send you a questionnaire to gather a detailed case history, it is helpful if you can complete this and return it to us ahead of your appointment so that your child’s assessment can be tailored to their needs. Depending on the age of your child, initial assessments usually last between 60 to 90 minutes.  When you arrive for your initial assessment, we will help to make your child feel comfortable. We may administer a formal assessment but if this is not something suitable for your child we can gather lots of information through observation, play and conversation.  We will feed back to you the results of the assessment verbally. Sometimes we need time to analyse the assessment data in which case we will arrange a suitable time to call you and feedback. Reports can be provided for an addition fee. Fees are set based on the level of detail required of the report. Following the initial assessment we will discuss with you our recommendations. We may recommend regular therapy with our Speech and Language Therapist. We only provide evidence-informed approaches which we will tailor to your child. Sessions can last between 30-60 minutes depending on the approach and your child’s needs.


Review assessment

To monitor progress 

At Nurture, we recommend a progress review assessment every few months. We will discuss with you your child’s progress and our recommended next steps. Like initials, a summary report is provided and formal and detailed reports can be requested for an additional fee. 



Parent coaching & direct therapy

In-person appointments take place in our space in Roundhay, Leeds. We can offer ad hoc appointments in your child’s nursery or school as requested. Therapy can also be very effective online and accessed from home or from school. 





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