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Our Approach

We offer diagnostic assessments which can help to understand what is going on for your child and get them the right support.  


We can write detailed reports for Education, Health and Care assessments and plans. 


We work collaboratively with other professionals involved in your child’s care to achieve the best outcomes. 


You can find out more about the Nurture process here.

If you would like to discuss your child’s speech, language and communication and the services we offer please get in touch to arrange a free initial telephone consultation. 

We can help if your child struggles with any of the following:

  • Attending and listening in a classroom;

  • Understanding what people say; 

  • Understanding what they read;

  • Following instructions;

  • Making sense when they tell or write a story;

  • Learning new words;

  • Putting words into accurate sentences;

  • Speaking clearly.

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